Welcome to TopDogFriendlyHotels.com, the ultimate guide for travelers who consider their four-legged companions as part of their journey. Spearheaded by Harrison Vale and inspired by his loyal canine companion, Max, our platform ensures that you and your dog enjoy the best, most welcoming accommodations wherever you roam.Our Journey

The bond between Harrison and Max is undeniable. From their first camping trip in the mountains to their long walks on the beach, they’ve been inseparable. However, finding hotels that welcomed Max with open arms (and paws) wasn’t always easy. Experiencing the challenges of locating genuinely dog-friendly accommodations, Harrison envisioned a platform that would make such searches simple, reliable, and stress-free. Thus, TopDogFriendlyHotels.com was born.

Why Top Dog Friendly Hotels?

Navigating the world of travel accommodations can be tricky, especially when ensuring our pets receive the same warm welcome as we do. Many places might claim to be “dog-friendly,” but only a few offer the amenities, space, and comfort that make our furry friends truly feel at home.

Each hotel listed on TopDogFriendlyHotels.com has been personally vetted by Harrison and Max. From checking the spaciousness of rooms to ensuring there are nearby areas for walks and play, no stone is left unturned.

Meet Harrison & Nik

Harrison Vale: A passionate traveler with a soft spot for dogs, Harrison’s adventures have taken him across continents.DJ in the past. With a keen eye for detail and an undying love for his canine companion, he’s determined to make traveling with pets a breeze.

Nik: A spirited Golden Retriever with a wagging tail and an insatiable love for adventure, Nik is more than just a dog; he’s Harrison’s travel buddy. His joyful demeanor, combined with his knack for making friends wherever he goes, often makes him the star of the show.

Together, this dynamic duo has transformed their personal experiences into a resource for all dog-loving travelers. Through their adventures and stories, they ensure every recommendation on the site is genuine, practical, and tail-wagging good!

Join Our Pack

Embark on a journey where every destination welcomes not just you but also your beloved canine. Dive into our curated lists, read our travel tales, and let TopDogFriendlyHotels.com guide you to your next perfect stay.

Harrison Vale(Hiponik DJ) brought his passion for music and travel to the forefront of his adventures. Before his canine companion Nik became the star of his journey, Harrison was a DJ who spun beats in various locales across the globe. His musical talents added a unique rhythm to his travels, making him a connoisseur of both the nightlife and the great outdoors. Now, as a dedicated dog lover, Harrison has seamlessly combined his DJ past with his love for Nik to create a harmonious travel experience for fellow pet owners. Together, they’ve transitioned from the world of music to curating dog-friendly travel recommendations, ensuring that every destination they recommend is not just paw-some but also pet-friendly.

Happy travels and wagging tails,

Harrison & Nik Vale